Pasar Malam in Melaka

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Published on: Monday, 2nd October, 2006

Holding a Pasar Malam near residential areas or commercial areas often will cause residents to complain of its unhygienic enviroment created from Pasar Malam. That is why the Pasar Malam in Subang Jaya shifted from the long stretch of road covering all sides of the apartment opposite Sin Tong Nan up till the KFC at SS15. The new place for Pasar Malam to be held is at the Industrial area at SS 13, just behind the flats.

Regardless of that, the Pasar Malam in Malim Jaya, Melaka is held just less than 50 metres from the nearest residential house, and spans throughout all the roads covering the commercial area which serves as a main entrance into the residential area of Jalan Zahir.

The Crowd
The crowd at Malim Jaya’s Pasar Malam isn’t as bad as those in Subang Jaya’s Pasar Malam.

However, you can see more joggers, aged man and womans walking around looking at the stalls slowly. This would be different in Subang Jaya where the enviroment is so tense with people rushing back from work and want to finish buying their goods at a faster pace. The enviroment feeling of this 2 Pasar Malam really is different.

No Customer
Even though the seller is trying hard to convince people through her loudspeaker, but still none stop by to look at her goods.

Oil, The Heart Blockage
This is the source of Heart attack, High Blood Pressure. Recycle oil is the worst kind of oil which no one should ever consume it because it cloaks your blood vessel.

3 Monkeys
And I saw 3 kids playing among themselves on top of their father’s van while their parents were busy attending customers.

Handicap who begs with hand
Sometimes, I just don’t get these type of people. They have both functioning hands to move themselves with wheelchair, yet they do not let their hand work some crafting or skills to earn a living, but BEG a living. I do not think they are worth a single cent to pledge for our sympathy. Shame on them!

He needs some help too
He needs welfare society’s help too to enable him to sit or stand upstraight before he begs. He lost an arm and a leg already.

VCD Seller
And of cause, the infamous VCD sellers in Malaysia. And they are one of the few stalls who received the most patrons too. Malaysia Boleh huh?

  1. Jayce says:

    Is this pasar malam available on weekdays?

  2. admin_api says:

    nope..There a lot of pasar mlm at malacca

    Batu Berendam
    Banda Hilir
    Pantai Jaring
    Air Keroh Height

    Tanjong Kling
    Taman Bukit Melaka
    Kampung Musai, Bukit Baru
    Taman Sinn, Ujong Pasir

    Kampung Lapan
    Kampung Gelam
    Taman Malim Jaya
    Taman Sri Duyong

    Taman Kerjasama Bukit Beruang
    Bt 13, Sungai Udang
    Air Molek
    Taman Peringgit Jaya
    Bukit Katil
    Taman Bukit Terendak
    Taman Desa Molek

    Taman Melaka Baru
    Tampoi, Krubong
    Taman Harta Pertama
    Jalan Depoh, Pengkalan Rama
    Taman Peruna, Sungai Udang
    Pantai Kundor

    Taman Bukit Serindit
    Padang Temu
    Taman Merdeka, Batu Berendam
    Kampung Pinang

  3. Hu says:

    Wah, that's a very very long list of pasar malam! Thanks!

  4. Hu says:

    Nope, only weekend/

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